“Powerful Rita Pierson”

Rita Pierson, I felt what she was saying, it was deep. It took me back to my childhood. She hit it out of the ball park. Stating that every kid needs a champion. I beleive children a lot of children someone who can understand them not to jugde them. She express the importants of  education. Making her students feel that they are just as inport as a higher learning childrem . If you give a child a little bit to go on they will apperciate it as if you did something big for them.

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“Geoffrey Canada, Our failing schools”

This is a very powerful subject. Mr Canada speaks highly on education. Hitting the ball out of the park stepping on some toes making it know that our children are losing out because founding and testing are not be used they way it should. I like how he touches on the subject of testing at the end of the year what good is it doing the shcools when children our on summer break.

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Connie’s Personal Experience “Home Dopot “

Home Depot is a good spot to shop not only as a brick and mortar store but also online. My husband and I enjoy going shopping at Home Depot; they have a wide verity of interior and exterior products to build or to decorate any project that you have around your home. When you walk into any of their stores someone is always greeting you with a smile.

Their displays items from tools to lamps, bathroom fixtures,  you name it. I know my husband and I feel like kids in a candy store. What I really like is their website, as soon as you click on their site they have and easy drop down menu with different categories to choose from.  Their page design colors are right for their ads, orange and white helps with their display on the page, making it pop out.

Their designing department did a great job along with their PR department. Home Depot has it together with everything in mind, from their ads, brand name products, and special offers. They have a strong communication hub. They use social media from emails, Facebook to YouTube.  They even offer how to do it your-self, classes in store and online making it convent for the customer.

They send us updates on products that my husband and I might be interested in. Promotional codes for certain products. They have a cookie crumb trial to navigate back to the original page site. If there’s any  problems or you need assistant with any of their products, you can contact them online or you can have a live person talk to you.


Home Depot: http://www.homedepot.com/

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“How Different Analytics helps Business to Grow “


I found Marketing Sherpa Webinar very informative.

Watching Jennifer Stagner, who is a SEO Marketer and Mechanical Support manager of Top Products for office supplies and Courtney Eckerle, the Marketing Sherpa reporter.

Sharing their views how companies can benifit using Google Analytics, and other tools. How it help shape Top Products soar to the top.

Top Products was at an 82% low, they manage to increase their percentage rate to 400%. The Company decided to do something different, they had to use a different technique. Jennifer found out what was the problem with their site, they saw that it was getting a lot of hits but no sells. Something had to be done they looked into different ways to boost up their productivity.

She felt that her company had a good strategy plain with all their departments working together, from the crating team, customer service and their technical department but this wasn’t the case. They had to come up with a plan trying to figure out why so many hits but not so much buying of their products.

They came across Google Analytic Data, this help explain what was happing with their site, views were hitting their site at a high rate but exit from the site not viewing what was on the site. Google Analytics helped them see a clear picture of their situation. They had to analyze the problem and come up with different strategies, monitoring and promoting more of their product, boosting sells by margining with different company sites to help their sells grow and keep track with Google Web Master. This helps them to know who came to their site and  key words they are using,  it has help them to build a better marketing force.

I was surprise to see that Ben & Jerry’s  stats was looking good from a different prospective, but when I did the data using Google Analytics it was very low.  If  Ben & Jerry’s used the tool,  Google Analytics to  see what’s going on with their site from a different point of view. This would help Ben & Jerry’s, I feel  they would get a full layout of what is going on and what is needed for their site to keep the viewer intrigue.  I beleive this will take them to a whole new level of sells.  Google Analytics and Google Web Master.






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I still say Ben & Jerry’s the Best

I had the opportunity to research two companies that are in competition with “Ben & Jerry’s “ I’ve  been researching” Ben & Jerry’s ” for some time now. “Baskin Robbins” is one of the top ice cream industry in the world they have a catchy website but I felt it could had use more in detail especially on their header on the main sublink, they put more information at the footer of the page, as a viewer I felt some of the details and information could had a clearer view at the header of this site. They have a good social media circle Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  For this company to be international they should have a larger social media force like Google plus and a few others.  As I click on their Twitter account they had a mass of followers.  Looking at this site I felt that there could have been some type of engaging, like Ben & Jerry’s, offering some type of fun shop where viewers can interact on the site.  http://www.baskinrobbins.com/content/baskinrobbins/en.html

I dug a little deeper for the other top competitor‘s in the ice cream franchise business, and  I came across” Bruster’s Real Ice Cream”.  I never heard of this company before. I must say when keyed in the words for top selling ice cream franchise in the nation and this site pop up, the site was impressing, and I knew that” Ben & Jerry’s” had a run for their money. Their web designing department did an overall good job, with the sites features and effects; their tool bar speaks for itself, providing a number of items to choose from with a drop down menu and they even offer something for the kids. Their biggest setback is their social media they only have Facebook, I feel they could boost up their social media department a lot.  http://www.brusters.com/

I still feel strong about “Ben & Jerry’s” they have what it takes with a strong social media and a good PR department in place, but as I said they have some strong competition.  http://www.benjerry.com/

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Nice Presentation

“Let’s Talk Crap, seriously by Rose George” She gave an outstanding presentation, about toilets and how they are greatly needed in third world countries. Bring attention to the audience and the social media network. I like her whole concepts how she reached a mass amount of people to bring a much need message of awareness thought the world.

Until it was brought to my attention I would have never thought a toilet was so important. I thought about toilets only when, I needed to use it or clean it. It was something I needed hear, she mentioned some very valuable points, who would have thought that 2.5 billion people are without toilets.

I would have never imagined so many people without a sanitary system. The way she used her words of chose to draw the audience into her world by painting a clear picture was, amazing. To find out that over four thousand children died in Pakistan every year from diarrhea, this also occur in other countries just as well. I wanted to hear more, if I was able to have a conversation with her, I would ask how she deals with political and corporate when it comes to getting help from them.

This made me more aware of my living situation; I can’t imagine not having a toilet. It’s funny how we can take something like a toilet for granted when some countries don’t even know what a toilet is.   I like to know more about helping in some kind of way.

George, Rose Febuary 2013


Woodhouse, Connie May 2,2013

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Marketing interest

My information came from: “Marketing Sherpa Blog”

The topic was “Who’s Running Your Marketing Department, You are Legal?”

I like the details on how to push forward when it comes to testing products even when someone throw a monkey wrench  into your plans but you have to be careful just as well. When your department is ready to launch a new concepts doing a test demo, getting feedback from public then you have a set back with the legal department.

The legal department has put the project on hold until feather notices.  I can understand Emily frustration. Emily voices her opinions and concerns about testing, she stated the facts if the treatment failed they could pull the plug at any time.   She felt they were losing valuable time and money.

This is true, you have your department in full operation and ready to go that good, but it’s always safe if the company has your back with legal representation. Just because it’s a test run things still can happen, some people may take offence to some of the advertisement or wording  and there might be some dialogs in other country that’s using the same information so it good to have your legal department go over your proposal before you lunch your project this will save time and money.  I feel that the communication lines need to be open on both ends this will help not only speed up the process but also can help  both parties to advance the company’s growth.

Roger, Emily April 23rd 2013


April 25th 2013

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