My Biggest challenge Post #10

My biggest challenge was when I first started doing this blog site. I was stuck I had to think, because I’ve never wrote a blog before. I did email and letters but a blog no.

At first I didn’t like it because I had no understanding to the concept of blogging. I looked at this as a downfall, why I needed to blog this isn’t me at all. I thought everyone would be in my business. Now I have explored different avenues from blogging I  come to like it. I can do research and get feedback from people all around the world. I have a few blogging links now; I share sometimes and see what others have on their mind.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to do a class blog; this has helped me to feel more comfortable and confident in what I’m doing online. It’s hard sometime like I said to come up with different ideas but it’s nice to share once I get them out there.

Having different topic to blog about makes my mind think and once I think it out and start typing it down it becomes easy to do, but when I have to research something I have to analyze the whole situation and that can take up a lot of time especially if I’m on a deadline.

Technology is here to stay and I’m learning I’m ether going to be on board or lose out. I will continual to blog. It has helped me and I have expanded using different blog sites.

There is a lot of good information out there and I know that there is a lot of bad information to. I just have to be careful to what I’m writing and what I want to receive from others.


About connie

I try to enjoy everyday, as I said try. I have a few hobbies that I get into, art is one of them. I have a family and we like to see the sights like the Mountains and the ocean. I have a strong spark in me concerning education I'm all for it.
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