Good Show Mr. Cameron Herold

I like what he had to say, a lot of it is true. He got me to thinking, I always had struggle with my art, family friends and people I never met before have told me to sell my work, and I have giving away pieces and sold one or two that’s about it. When Cameron spoke about taking risks this gave me a thought that I need to take risks. I like the points that he talked about Ted Turner and other entrepreneurs with their disabilities, It didn’t stop them, I’m sure that they had days that they felt like giving up but they didn’t. This is given me a lot to think about and come up with a plain of my own. Be my own boss, I just got to condition my brain not letting my chance get away.

Cameron had some good points concerning our children, we as parents do have the responsibility to teach our children the value of money and to be their own boss. My husband and I don’t give our children allowance they have to earn it by doing chores around and outside the house. They save up for things that they like. When we take them to the store we are showing them how to be responsible for their own personal hygiene. The reason we do it this way is because our children are always look at us to provide everything for them and at time they just didn’t appreciate the value or the things we would for them. Now when we go to the store they buy what they need. This teaches them if they want something they have to work for it and save their money. I have one going into middle school and she’s working on getting her cell phone during the summer.

My husband and I are trying to help them but we also are let them know that no one owes them anything they have to do their part by earning money for the things they want.  I see a big difference in their behavior and the things they buy they appreciate it even more.



About connie

I try to enjoy everyday, as I said try. I have a few hobbies that I get into, art is one of them. I have a family and we like to see the sights like the Mountains and the ocean. I have a strong spark in me concerning education I'm all for it.
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