“Bill Gates: Teachers need real feedback”

Bill Gates, recognize there is a great need in the United States for a better and much stronger education force. He knows that we need to get a plan thats going to work not only for the teachers but for the children.  He brings out the awareness of teachers, that they need feedback this will help them to improve their quality of education that is needed for our children.  He shares how China’s children rank  number one with education all across the board. He would like to implicate cameras in the  classrooms  for teachers to observe the ways they are teaching and how childern are interacting, he feels this can help improve both teachers and students in their academic studies.


About connie

I try to enjoy everyday, as I said try. I have a few hobbies that I get into, art is one of them. I have a family and we like to see the sights like the Mountains and the ocean. I have a strong spark in me concerning education I'm all for it.
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