My Biggest challenge Post #10

My biggest challenge was when I first started doing this blog site. I was stuck I had to think, because I’ve never wrote a blog before. I did email and letters but a blog no.

At first I didn’t like it because I had no understanding to the concept of blogging. I looked at this as a downfall, why I needed to blog this isn’t me at all. I thought everyone would be in my business. Now I have explored different avenues from blogging I  come to like it. I can do research and get feedback from people all around the world. I have a few blogging links now; I share sometimes and see what others have on their mind.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to do a class blog; this has helped me to feel more comfortable and confident in what I’m doing online. It’s hard sometime like I said to come up with different ideas but it’s nice to share once I get them out there.

Having different topic to blog about makes my mind think and once I think it out and start typing it down it becomes easy to do, but when I have to research something I have to analyze the whole situation and that can take up a lot of time especially if I’m on a deadline.

Technology is here to stay and I’m learning I’m ether going to be on board or lose out. I will continual to blog. It has helped me and I have expanded using different blog sites.

There is a lot of good information out there and I know that there is a lot of bad information to. I just have to be careful to what I’m writing and what I want to receive from others.

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Exploring my Options

Exploring jobs for social media wasn’t as hard as I expected. There is a wide range of online marketing analysis jobs to choose from. You need to know your stuff. I didn’t realize I had to have so much of a background to enter into this type of business. I’m a strong communicator lest I thought so.

If I thought about going in as an intern at Hasbro or Toy R Us, I would need to have a Bachelor’s Degree just to get my foot into the door. I feel that there are a lot of students with strong ideas and skills that are losing out because they need to have a higher degree when they could be increasing their skills on the job, that’s just my opinion.

I know I need to keep going on so I can continual to build a much needed and stronger writing and communication structure if I want to succeed in a major company like Hasbro. Who knows I might start my own company one day. Some of the skills that these companies are asking for I already have, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and other programs. I’m learning that it takes a lot of work when you’re dealing with a public shopper or an online buyer.  If I had a chance to work for a company like Hasbro, I need to bring on a strong game to help them compete with other major companies.

If I own a business I would want someone who is a team player, they got to have an outgoing attitude bringing strong social, fresh skills and willing to learn different technics from my company and I would want them to expect the same from me.



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Good Show Mr. Cameron Herold

I like what he had to say, a lot of it is true. He got me to thinking, I always had struggle with my art, family friends and people I never met before have told me to sell my work, and I have giving away pieces and sold one or two that’s about it. When Cameron spoke about taking risks this gave me a thought that I need to take risks. I like the points that he talked about Ted Turner and other entrepreneurs with their disabilities, It didn’t stop them, I’m sure that they had days that they felt like giving up but they didn’t. This is given me a lot to think about and come up with a plain of my own. Be my own boss, I just got to condition my brain not letting my chance get away.

Cameron had some good points concerning our children, we as parents do have the responsibility to teach our children the value of money and to be their own boss. My husband and I don’t give our children allowance they have to earn it by doing chores around and outside the house. They save up for things that they like. When we take them to the store we are showing them how to be responsible for their own personal hygiene. The reason we do it this way is because our children are always look at us to provide everything for them and at time they just didn’t appreciate the value or the things we would for them. Now when we go to the store they buy what they need. This teaches them if they want something they have to work for it and save their money. I have one going into middle school and she’s working on getting her cell phone during the summer.

My husband and I are trying to help them but we also are let them know that no one owes them anything they have to do their part by earning money for the things they want.  I see a big difference in their behavior and the things they buy they appreciate it even more.


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“How Parents Motivate Their Children Academically”

How Parents Motivate Their Children Academically

This sites help parents to be motivated in their children’s education

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“MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry » All Your Kids Belong To Us”

This is nice and straight to the point. Melissa Harris-Perry, tells it like it is not just the parents have the responibility to raise or children but we as a community share in the up bring just as well.

She has a strong point, I send my child out to the bus stop and off to school they go, parents are at the bus stops keeping witchful eye out  over our children making sure no one gets hurt. Then the children arrive on  school grounds, where the staff takes over. We all have a responibility. Their a tv ad I like we all can’t raise kids but we all can help in some type of way.

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“Impact of Poverty Early Education”


This is the reason for me. How can we be a nation with so much to give but have such little to hand out? I know if we link together the link becomes stronger even if it just one person at a time.  We can overcome this. Giving each child a chance to an education, a lot of them already have their chance in poverty. It’s sad we have a lot of people escaping from other countries to have better life over here, where will our children escape too.


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“Bill Gates: Teachers need real feedback”

Bill Gates, recognize there is a great need in the United States for a better and much stronger education force. He knows that we need to get a plan thats going to work not only for the teachers but for the children.  He brings out the awareness of teachers, that they need feedback this will help them to improve their quality of education that is needed for our children.  He shares how China’s children rank  number one with education all across the board. He would like to implicate cameras in the  classrooms  for teachers to observe the ways they are teaching and how childern are interacting, he feels this can help improve both teachers and students in their academic studies.

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“Powerful Rita Pierson”

Rita Pierson, I felt what she was saying, it was deep. It took me back to my childhood. She hit it out of the ball park. Stating that every kid needs a champion. I beleive children a lot of children someone who can understand them not to jugde them. She express the importants of  education. Making her students feel that they are just as inport as a higher learning childrem . If you give a child a little bit to go on they will apperciate it as if you did something big for them.

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“Geoffrey Canada, Our failing schools”

This is a very powerful subject. Mr Canada speaks highly on education. Hitting the ball out of the park stepping on some toes making it know that our children are losing out because founding and testing are not be used they way it should. I like how he touches on the subject of testing at the end of the year what good is it doing the shcools when children our on summer break.

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Connie’s Personal Experience “Home Dopot “

Home Depot is a good spot to shop not only as a brick and mortar store but also online. My husband and I enjoy going shopping at Home Depot; they have a wide verity of interior and exterior products to build or to decorate any project that you have around your home. When you walk into any of their stores someone is always greeting you with a smile.

Their displays items from tools to lamps, bathroom fixtures,  you name it. I know my husband and I feel like kids in a candy store. What I really like is their website, as soon as you click on their site they have and easy drop down menu with different categories to choose from.  Their page design colors are right for their ads, orange and white helps with their display on the page, making it pop out.

Their designing department did a great job along with their PR department. Home Depot has it together with everything in mind, from their ads, brand name products, and special offers. They have a strong communication hub. They use social media from emails, Facebook to YouTube.  They even offer how to do it your-self, classes in store and online making it convent for the customer.

They send us updates on products that my husband and I might be interested in. Promotional codes for certain products. They have a cookie crumb trial to navigate back to the original page site. If there’s any  problems or you need assistant with any of their products, you can contact them online or you can have a live person talk to you.


Home Depot:

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